Kitchen Cabinet Lighting with LED Tape

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Under cabinet lighting is an excellent means to improve the look of your kitchen & enhance visibility over your worktops. The major problem with kitchen illumination is that wall hanging cabinets obstruct the illumination from a centrally placed light source, consequence in undesired shadowing in & around your kitchen counters. Under cabinet lights decrease the existence of shadows in these areas & promote a secure working atmosphere for foodstuff preparation.
There’re several options accessible when it is about under cabinet illumination, comprising puck lights, fluorescent tubes and recessed down lights. However, by far the   easiest & most practical choice is LED tape, which provides straight forward setting up. In this article you’ll came to know about some of the crucial considerations while installing Waterproof LED strip under your kitchen cabinets.

When to install :

Usually the best time to set up under cabinet lighting is while your kitchen is being installed as this’ll permit you to cover up any excess wiring underneath fixtures or plasters. However, most consumers find themselves retrofitting their existing kitchen design, which can be accomplished very easily. Physically setting up LED strip is incredibly easy as they make use of a 3M self-adhesive backing. You just need to remove this & apply the strip directly to the surface.

Power :

All LED strip runs at a low 12V DC via a transformer, but you’ll require a main power-supply to make them function. This could be a socket or existing lighting circuit.

Measurements :

If your vendor provides a tailored cutting service you’ll require to gauge your cabinet & email them across. Keep in mind that LED strip can only be cut at gaps of 2.5cm, 5cm or ten centimeters, so you’ll have to round up or down where required.

Waterproofing :

Waterproofing is very essential as your kitchen room can become astonishingly humid & wet when you’re preparing foodstuff. In normal your LED strip must have an IP65 rated coating, which’ll safeguard it against splashes & condensation. So, always look for an IP65 waterproof LED strip.

Dimming :

Do not forget that LED strips are completely dimmable. Having the choice to faint the LED tape can truly open up the artistic prospective of your kitchen, especially if you utilize it for more than just cooking. Keeping such thing in mind, it may be worth considering some color changing RGB LED tape.

So, what are you waiting for? Install waterproof LED tape under your kitchen cabinets now!


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