Flexible LED strips – Dos & Don’ts

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LED strip lights are extremely attractive & alluring for those who like the clean vividness that LED lights offer as they do an excellent job in adorning your vehicle in the best possible manner. When it is about all good things, there’re few dos & don’ts to keep in mind and LED lights are no exception. So, let’s have a look at the Dos & Don’ts in LED strip lights.

Dos :

The LED tapes are flexible thus they could be twisted accordingly, of course within its limits. The strip could be twisted no less than ninety degrees; you don’t wish to break them in half & spilt the circuits now. They are ideal to outline as a boundary around the headlight of your car due to the curved and smooth surface. However, you should be aware about the limits of these LED tapes so you don’t twist them clumsily or anything. While you twist the tape, the radius should be above than twenty degrees before ahead of you risk injuring them. As a car aficionado, that is possibly the last thing you wish to do.

Don’ts :

No doubt the LED strips are flexible, but that does not denote they could be misused either. Don’t twist the LED light at a very pointed angle or twist them horizontally, such kind of harsh action might damage your whole LED strip and consequence monetary loss. Just imagine how embarrassing the situation will be, if your LED strip fails to produce light in a function that you have arranged with your own responsibility.

Well, there are so many choices when it comes to choose flexible LED strip. To make an informed decision on which kind of LED light to choose you must ensure about exact budget and requirement. The present market is flooded with so many varieties & styles as far as flexible LED strips are concerned.


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